Our book guides are provided by a dedicated and rapidly expanding team of individuals across the globe. Although all our writers may be different, they share one common thing: a passion for reading to improve their lives in all aspects: health, wealth, relationships, spirituality and business. And they all love delivering the lessons they’ve learnt with you.

1. Diogo Lança
Ever since I read my first self-improvement book, I understood the importance and the potential of living a life of constant improvement and introspection. To share my journey with the world, I created Road Delta, where I create content on self improvement topics like productivity, book reviews, lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and many more. By connecting my passion for self improvement with my love for video editing, writing and graphic design, my goal is to create shareable content that both educates and entertains. Check out my content using the links below.
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2. Fabian Hoch
My name is Fabian and I’m from southern-Germany. I’m a student and publishing for Book Success since 2017. I love books because they can provide me information for every field in my life and therefore help me succeed. I believe you should always learn something new, besides Fabian Hochcollege or school, to really get where you want to be. My main interests are the stock market and entrepreneurship. In my free time I love to play the guitar, practice Karate or do Calisthenics. Make sure you check out my IG-channel “daily_success_library”. There, I upload shorter reviews of the best books I read. If you have any questions, feel free to contact my on IG (DM) or write me an email me (links below)
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3. D’Lisa DarLuz
D’Lisa DarLuz shares a humble passion for empowering others. She encourages her readers to exist beyond their individual realm of perception. Representing the MTV Generation and the LBGT Community, DarLuz is an undisputed example; that fitting into the box does not serve your highest purpose. She takes the reader alongside her through every story. Adjusting your view, through DarLuz’s eyes, is always a worthwhile experience.
4. Ivan Guberina
I am Ivan Guberina, a 21-year old young entrepreneur and law student from Croatia. Still haven’t figured everything out, just trying to enjoy the journey and see where it takes me. One of my greatest hobbies is reading and currently, I’m mostly trying to unveil how the learned theory applies to real life, putting it all out to the test. Hope you get something out of my content.
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5. Kieran Edwards
Hey I’m Kieran, a book lover from Bermuda. Reading is a win-win situation for me. Besides the fact that I enjoy it, it exposes me to knowledge, ideas, and experiences I otherwise would not have come across. I hope to share whatever I encounter in the instance that it can improve your life and make you aware of how you can love the life you live and live the life you love. Happy reading.
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