Be Obsessed Or Be Average

1. Introduction

Do you want to be average? If the answer is no, then, according to Grant Cardone‘s  newest book “Be Obsessed or Be Average”, you have to become OBSESSED.

Grant defines obsession as “those dreams and goals that you desire to achieve so intensely that they give you the urge, momentum, and energy necessary to build the life you deserve and dream of.”

Grant Cardone had a terrible drug addiction in his early 20’s. He tried everything including a 30-day rehab program but nothing worked. He didn’t start going in the right direction until he switched his addiction from drugs into an addiction towards lifelong success. Grant realized the amount of energy and time drugs stole from him– but now what?

This book details the steps Grant took which transferred his drug obsession into an addiction or “obsession to success. Let’s look at 25 golden nuggets from the book.

The Top 25 Golden Nuggets from Be Obsessed or Be Average

1. Your obsession can get you out of the culture of average. (Becoming successful is never easy, especially in the beginning. So if you’re not wiling to grind it out, then don’t bother becoming obsessed).

2. Being obsessed doesn’t take into account your education, your money, or even your abilities. (Being obsessed also shouldn’t have to do anything with your gender, race, religion, IQ, etc. Don’t let those be excuses for why you’re not obsessed).

3. Being obsessed is the only way to create enough success in order to be an inspiration to others and actually make a difference on this planet. (Do you really think you’ll have any impact on this world by being average?)

4. So many people in the middle class set their sights on what it takes to simply get by, instead of thrive and prosper in life. (Nobody should be forcing you to work towards a better financial situation. However, I do hope that since you’re reading this summary, you are looking for a better one).

5. People who try to persuade you to give up are not trying to help you. They are trying to make sense of why they gave up. (I would also add these same people probably weren’t willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams).

6. Never take advice from a quitter. (I think this is pretty self explanatory: when you’re a quitter, no one will be looking for your advice).

7. There is no such thing as part-time obsession. (I truly believe after reading this book, that going into your obsession “half-ass” will result in ultimate failure).

8. Writing goals on a daily basis is a great tool for staying focused, recommitting, and rebooting, because the destination will be changing a lot. (As you pursue your obsession, you NEED goals to focus on throughout the process. Your purpose might stay the same but your goals shouldn’t. As you continue to grow, so should your goals).

9. The goals of the obsessed are always a bit out of reach. (I like to set semi-unrealistic goals. If I don’t hit the goal that may be “out of reach,” then I hopefully will reach my realistic goal).

10. Write your future in order to achieve it. (Know what you’re obsessing over).

11. Make the super successful your mentors. (With the power of social media and the internet, it’s now easier than ever to access “virtual mentors” that have walked down the path you’re about to embark on).

12. Those with the smallest goals have the biggest money problems. (How true! I’ve never heard of someone that became wealthy by thinking small).

13. If you’re really obsessed with success you must surround yourself with others obsessed with success. (This is so on point. Associate with people who have the same ambitions as you. Try to stay away from people who strive for mediocrity).

14. Anything worth doing is worth doing every day. (Anything that is not worth doing is never worth doing).

15. Haters will promote you more than even. (Let the haters hate and prove them wrong in the process. You’ll probably always have haters anyway if you’re achieving at a high level).

16. There is no domination without discipline. (Consistent discipline can lead to monumental success).

17. Stop wasting time on tasks that don’t matter. (Arguing over The 2016 Presidential Election is a perfect example of wasted time).

18. Avoiding danger makes sense only if you want to make sense. (Accepting danger and risk in your path of pursuing your obsession can be very beneficial in the long run).

19. No one who has made a great contribution on this planet “rests on their laurels.” (Staying complacent with what you’ve already done won’t help propel you into accomplishing your future goals).

20. Fear is an indication of what you should do, not what you shouldn’t do. (Embracing and overcoming fear can be one the best ways to jump start you in the right direction towards your obsession).

21. Most people know about the most recent celebrity scandal than they do about their job. (Knowing the latest update on Kim and Kanye’s relationship probably won’t benefit your obsession).

22. Do great things and those who want to do great things will find you and want to work with you. (If you’re totally obsessed, you’ll attract people who are able to fuel your obsession).

23. People will give you permission to quit. (If you surround yourself with an average crowd, quitting will be even easier to do).

24. Those who are truly obsessed are willing to persist when it no longer makes sense. (Being totally obsessed will take a good amount of endurance. Be ready for it!)

25. Education has a totally different outcome when you get to choose what you are learning. (It’s great that I can choose to learn from Grant Cardone instead of a professor who has less experience on his topic than Grant).

My Personal Takeaway from Be Obsessed or Be Average

I admire Grant’s “all in or all out” intensity and focus. But then again, he is Grant Cardone and nothing Grant Cardone does seems to be average!

My biggest takeaway from this book is Grant’s emphasis on daily goal setting. Grant WRITES (not types) his goals down twice every day. This allows him to continually adjust and view his progress at a microscopic level.

Ultimately, pursuing your obsession will not always be convenient and there will be some things you won’t like doing along the way. But if you’re obsessed, then the struggle will eventually reward you.

If you want to stay “average” for the rest of your life, then reading this book will be a waste of time. If you want to do bigger things than most people in life and pursue your ultimate obsession, then this book has your name written all over it!

Initially, here’s a few steps that I would take to start fueling your obsession:

1. Stop doing things that hinder you from your obsession. (Netflix binging, alcohol, drugs, procrastination, etc.)

2. Hang around people who will lift you up, not tear you down– people who are even more committed to success than you.

3. Have a ultimate purpose for your obsession.

4. Overcome your fears by not shying away from them.

5. Complacency can lead to bankruptcy.


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